It's National Hamburger Day and We're Dreaming of These 9 Burgers

It's National Hamburger Day and We're Dreaming of These 9 Burgers

You read that right. Today, May 28, is national hamburger day... the day where we honor and celebrate America's favorite classic sandwich. You could always celebrate by going to your local fast food joint, or you can make these delectable unconventional burgers topped with shrimp, potato chips, chiles, ramen noodles, and everything else you can possibly think of. 

So get out your grills (or pans if you're a broke college student) and drool over these epic burgers with us. 

1. Mexican Chorizo With Garlic Shrimp Burger

The bold flavors from Mexico mixed with fresh shrimp? You had us at 'chorizo.' Get the spicy recipe from Lady and Pups here.

2. Chipotle Veggie Burger

Love the taste of burgers but not into the meat part? We've got you covered with this recipe from The Kitchy Kitchen. The burger is made from sofritas, onions, beets, brown rice, and black beans. Delicioso. 

3. The Original Cheeseburger

Forget all the fancy stuff. As Ron Swanson once said, the best burgers are just "meat and cheese on a bun." This recipe from Buzzfeed will show you the best way to make original cheeseburgers.

4. The Umami Burger

You've probably heard of the famous Umami burger - loaded with spicy chiles and garlic mayo. Well now, you can make it at home thanks to the team at Platings and Parings.

5. Crunch Burger by Bobby Flay

Stop everything: this burger has potato chips in it. Add the chipotle ketchup, and you've found your new favorite food. Get the recipe from Bon Appetit here.

6. Copycat In-N-Out Burgers

If you don't live on the West Coast, you don't get to experience the joy of eating In-N-Out on a weekly basis. Well now, you don't have to live in California to eat In-N-Out! This copycat recipe from Home Based Mom will have you drooling.

7. The Ramen Burger

And you thought Ramen was only for soup. Think again, because now you can eat it as the bun of your next hamburger. Make it at home with the help of this recipe from POPSUGAR. You no longer have to be in Brooklyn to take a bite into this beauty.

8. Buffalo Chicken Burger

When you're torn between wings and burgers, just make this. BURGERCEPTION. Get the recipe from Little Leopard Book here.

9. Turkey Burgers With Spinach & Goat Cheese

Talk about fancy. Spicy brown mustard, garlic goat cheese, and delicious spinach make a good match in this delicious recipe by Erika Follansbee.
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