Finally! An Expensive Pizza For People Who Really Understand Luxury

Finally! An Expensive Pizza For People Who Really Understand Luxury
Industry Kitchen via Town and Country

Ugh, it's so aggravating constantly eating pizza that doesn't have a single dollop of caviar! Why are my slices always lacking foie gras? And would it kill someone to put some actual gold on my favorite drunk food?

There's finally an answer for all of us classy pizza eaters. Industry Kitchen sits in the Financial District in New York, where they've found a new way for their rich clientele to prove how absurdly rich they really are.

The newest addition to the menu is the 24K Pizza that costs $2,000. If that sounds a bit pricy, you could split it with eight friends and only pay $250 a slice. What a steal!

Though a $2000 pizza seems totally reasonable for super high-class people like us, some balk at the large price tag. But once you know what goes into the 24K pizza, you'll see it's a worthy investment.

First, the crust is infused with black squid ink and needs to sit for 48 hours before baking. That also means you have to order your meal two days in advance, so if you're drunk on Dom Perignon, don't head to Industry Kitchen on an impulse.

The crust is rolled out and covered in Stilton cheese. For those unfamiliar, Stilton is an English type of blue cheese that's slightly less pungent in flavor. 

The crust and cheese are baked at a very high temperature till the cheese has melted and the crust begins to brown. Then, truffle shavings are strewn upon the top with slices of high quality foie gras and spoonfuls of caviar and rose petals to compliment the flavors. 

Oh, we almost forgot the most important ingredient! Gold. Yes, the 24K Pizza lives up to it's name in that it is almost completely covered in 24K gold leaf. After the pizza gets a pretty solid coating, gold flakes are then added because you just can't get enough gold.

See, this pizza is worth every cent! How else can you prove that you're insanely rich than being willing to eat gold? If only they could put an edible pile of money or a black Amex card on there, then the pizza would be truly luxurious.

At least two of these pizzas have been ordered and who knows how many more rich people will clamor for this monetarily indulgent meal.

Mmmm. It looks so good. Who's favorite toppings aren't caviar and flowers?

Head to Manhattan if you want a chance to spend an obscene amount of money on something that does not at all resemble pizza. But you will get to poop gold and what greater accomplishment could there be?

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