Exquisite Risotto Recipes

Exquisite Risotto Recipes
The Devil Wears Parsley

Risotto sometimes gets a reputation of being difficult to cook, but it's actually pretty easy. It just needs a lot of love and attention for the time it takes to cook. Risotto is such a wonderful entree because you can make it with seasonal ingredients, it is simple, hearty, and rich, and there are plenty of delicious vegetarian risottos as well as ones with fish or meat. Here are 10 exquisite risotto recipes great for the fall to add to your cookbook.

1) Butternut Squash Risotto

This is a great recipe with slightly sweet, earthy butternut squash. Top it off with shaved parmesan for the perfect bite.

Find the recipe here: The Pioneer Woman

2) Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto is a classic take on the dish, which is always sure to satisfy with a blend of savory parmesan, meaty mushrooms, and smoothly acidic white wine. 

Find the recipe here: A Family Feast

3) Creamy Goat Cheese Risotto

This risotto recipe is bold and rich with goat cheese as the star ingredient, complimented by fresh peppers, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and shallots.

Find the recipe here: I Adore Food

4) Arancini

These fried risotto balls are heavenly bites of crispy, rich, cheesy goodness. Serve them up as appetizers or paired with a fresh salad for a fall treat.

Find the recipe here: Just A Taste

5) Parmesan Risotto with Roasted Shrimp

This risotto recipe is rich and savory with parmesan and succulent roasted shrimp. It will keep your belly nice and filled during the cold months.

Find the recipe here: the kitchn

6) Pumpkin-Pumpkin Beer Risotto with Coffee & Chocolate Stout Glazed Short Ribs

This recipe features quintessential fall flavors and is a decadent entree for the perfect dinner.

Find the recipe here: The Devil Wears Parsley

7) Carmelized Onion & Thyme Risotto

This recipe is earthy and flavorful for a great seasonal risotto option.

Find the recipe here: Smells Like Home

8) Beer Risotto with Sausage and Gouda

This risotto is a delicious, hearty recipe with warm, smoky flavor profiles of sausage and gouda.

Find the recipe here: Cherry on My Sundae

9) Pesto Risotto

This classic pesto blend is the perfect accompaniment to hearty, tender risotto and is great for any time of year.

Find the recipe here: Chef Savvy

10) Creamy Maple Bacon Pumpkin Risotto

Here is another take on pumpkin risotto, with delicious and savory sweet maple bacon to complement the richness of the pumpkin.

Find the recipe here: Pineapple & Coconut

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