11 Ramen Recipes You Won't Believe

11 Ramen Recipes You Won't Believe

Ramen. The easy-to-cook, one pouch meal for millions of college kids and budget-wise adults over the years. You can dress it up with veggies and eggs, or dress it down and just use the packet of seasoning. But what if you dressed it up as something different all together? Maybe like a pizza? A grilled cheese? Poutine? Yeah, now we’re talking. Let’s take ramen to the next level. We’ve got a list of 11 insane recipes set to change the face of ramen.

Kimchi Ramen Grilled Cheese

Grab some extra spicy ramen, a creamy mozzarella or jack cheese, a tangy American or cheddar, some sturdy bread and a handful of kimchi. The noodles will join with the kimchi once the sandwich has been grilled for an awesome taste and texture experience.

Find the recipe on Taste Spotting

Pepperoni Ramen Pizza

Seasoned with parmesan and oregano, ramen noodles are baked in a buttered pan, then broiled covered with ricotta, nutmeg, fontina, and pepperoni.

Find the recipe on Serious Eats

Ramen Doughnuts

Horchata is the secret to sweet ramen noodles. Once the noodles are cooked, you’ll freeze them and shape them, before frying and frosting the doughnuts of your dreams.

Find the recipe on Culinary Bro-Down

Ramen Grilled Cheese

So you’re looking for a grilled cheese with no bread? I got you. Try this: noodles held together with egg and grated parmesan are fried until they make a perfect crispy platform for sharp grated cheese and tangy kimchi.

Find the recipe on The Delicious Life

Ramen Hoagie

Get your cheesesteak on with this hoagie roll, made from ramen noodles baked in a baguette pan with egg and Japanese potato starch.

Find the recipe on Grub Street

Ramen Fried Egg

This is a little like the Scotch egg. First crush up a couple packets of ramen and boil the noodles until they're sticky, meanwhile soft boil a couple eggs. Apply the ramen to the eggs, coat it in breadcrumbs and fry it all up.

Find the recipe on The Vulgar Chef

Ramen Burger

The ramen burger trend isn’t over yet, people, get on the train. It’s insanely simple and all you need is ramen and an egg. Press the cooked noodles so they hold together, fry 'em up and prepare your burger fixin's any way you like.

Find the recipe on Instructables

Ramen Cacio e Pepe

This deceptively simple dish packs a big flavor surprise with sharp pecorino and salty parmesan cheeses, plus a hearty helping of pepper.

Find the recipe on Travel. Eat. Drink. Stuff.

Ramen Chiles Rellenos

Halved peppers make the perfect little beds for ramen noodles, thick-cut bacon, and mushrooms. Top them with pepperjack cheese and bake until the stuffed peppers’ flesh is soft and the cheese has browned.

Find the recipe on Chow Hound

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