The Best Fish And Chip Recipes Out There

The Best Fish And Chip Recipes Out There

Take the most delicious fish you can find, put it in a frier, then add french fries. No wonder fish and chips are so amazing!

Halibut, hake, pollock and haddock - fish and chip experts use them all. In port towns everywhere fish and chips are the food of the fishermen and of the working class, and the working class loves their food.

So we got busy and culled the coasts for the best recipes for this much-loved fare and we caught some good ones. It's a fishy challenge to judge the crispest, juiciest, flakiest fish dish among them... 

Crispy Fish & Chips Recipe

Very cold flour, baking powder, salt, and beer make the batter that turns super crisp in this very hot oil. And Southern boy, James Strange (above) makes twice cooked thick fried potatoes and golden battered fish.

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