Perfect Dinner Ideas For When You're Feeling Lazy

Perfect Dinner Ideas For When You're Feeling Lazy
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Ugh. Cooking! Can't we just eat cereal for every meal?

The days of a popping a Top Ramen in the microwave or eating Pop Tarts for breakfast should be over by now. But that also doesn't mean you need to slave over the stove for hours for a good dinner.

For the days when you just want to eat Chef Boyardee straight from the can, here are some super easy dinner options. This way you'll actually get a healthy meal and feel like an adult...for at least part of the day.

Stuffed Avocado with Shrimp

Honestly, you wouldn't even have to put this on a plate if you didn't feel like it. The avocado shells make their own bowl! Plus, you're basically eating guac for dinner, but in a healthy way.

Find the recipe at LeafTV.

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