This Galaxy Birthday Cake Is Just About The Coolest Thing In The Universe

This Galaxy Birthday Cake Is Just About The Coolest Thing In The Universe

Sometimes, a piece of food is so moist, perfectly-textured, and tasty that upon biting into it, a pure, present, sensory delight comes over you and the universe seems to open up—all of your worries evaporating as you allow yourself to experience the simple wonder of tasting something so good. Now, there's a cake that literally contains the universe. Are you ready to see the coolest cake in the galaxy?

Imgur user, Pedagiggle, made a cake so amazing, we're not sure how anyone was able to move from staring in awe at it to cutting into it. This vanilla-flavored slice of the galaxy was totally crafted by them, using hand-painted fondant decorations, buttercream and plenty of food coloring. Look at this shiny, intergalactic cake for a Star Wars-themed birthday party.

Source: Pedagiggle/Imgur

Amazing, right? The inside is just as incredible!

As if this out-of-this-world cake wasn't enough, Pedagiggle topped off the themed desserts with spacey cookies in the shapes of astronauts and rockets, and cookies decorated with Star Wars characters.

Want to attempt to recreate this on your own? After receiving tons of well-deserved attention for their work, Pedagiggle posted detailed instructions on their imgur page so that you can make your very own space-cake. Happy baking!

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