Totally Glam Desserts

Totally Glam Desserts
sprinklescupcakes via Instagram

From wedding cakes to decorated cookies, desserts are becoming more and more intricate. No matter what the occasion, impressing your friends, family and guests with some delicious and gorgeous treats is always a good idea. With these desserts, the sky is the limit as they are decorated with gold, pearls and diamonds galore. Here are some totally glam desserts that will give you some much needed dessert table inspiration:

Pretty In Pink

Texture, design, florals and more!

A Delicate Lace

Lace and pearls are prettier in pink. Don't you think?

Magnolia Magic

A Magnolia flower sits on top of the cupcake wrapped in gold.

Artsy Donuts

Donut worry 'bout a thing.

Gatsby Glam

Taking it back to some Gatsby glam.

The Royals

Gold embroidery for the royal touch.


This cake is just dripping in jewels!

Kate Spade Bites

Kate Spade inspired cookies are a striped sensation.

Glitter In Gold

These donuts are all about the glitz and glam.

Textured Cupcakes

Cupcakes that are decorated with broaches and sequins? This is like a glamorous tea party!

Blushing Gold

Gold, blush and a little bit of airbrush.

High End Cookies

Does it get any more glam than Vogue and Chanel?

Tiffany, Darling

"What about breakfast at Tiffany's?"

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