So, Here's How To Make Your Cheap Vodka Taste Less Cheap!

So, Here's How To Make Your Cheap Vodka Taste Less Cheap!

In a perfect world, an article like this wouldn’t even be necessary because we’d invest in the top shelf stuff. But this is the real world and between rent, car notes and all the bills piling up, who has the money for that?!

We figured the next best thing would be to cough up some tips on how to make your cheap alcohol taste better. More specifically your vodka, since it’s the kind of alcohol that basically goes with any and everything.

You ready to learn some bartender tricks of the trade?

Seltzer water (off top)

We wish we could give you some deep scientific reason for why you should put seltzer water into your vodka. But the truth is that there are really only two. One is that seltzer water has no calories in it. The second is it makes your vodka have fiz, and a “fizzy drink” always tastes better than one that’s flat.

Make a coffee martini

Something that makes just about anything taste better is coffee. Even vodka. All you need is some Kahlua, some coffee beans and some espresso. Pour your vodka into a shaker that has some cracked ice in it. Then pour in the Kahlua followed by espresso. Mix slowly. Garnish with the coffee beans and you’re all set!

Add some ginger ale

Ginger ale is an inexpensive way to make cheap vodka taste better. (Funny how that works!) We’re thinking it’s because it has some of the “bite” of ginger beer without you having to spend as much money. Either way, give it a try. Tell us what you think.

Pour in some limeade and cherry juice

Citrus is something else that can drastically offset the taste of cheap vodka. Our vote is to make a “grown” cherry vodka. Click here for a recipe that’s deliciously easy.

Try a Brita filter

Have you ever heard that using a water filter can improve the taste of cheap alcohol, including vodka? It might sound crazy, but it's absolutely true! Word on the street is that if you run vodka through the filter between 5-7 times, it will make it taste noticeably smoother and cleaner. Just make sure to not take a shot after each run to check. Otherwise the buzz may have you thinking that the vodka is improving when really, you’re just getting drunk! 

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