11 St. Patrick's Treats To Make Your Day A Lucky One

11 St. Patrick's Treats To Make Your Day A Lucky One
Karen Greenfield

Tired of cabbage and corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day? Now it’s time to update that tired menu and get real in the kitchen this holiday. We have it all covered. Whether you’re cooking for a bar hop pregame or for your kid’s classroom party, all of these dishes are easy and ready for you to take a whack at.

Brownie Trifle

This ain't just a brownie, this is like some next level concoction with layers of goodness topped with Oreos.

Dipped Oreos

Speaking of Oreos, if you ain’t got too much time to prep and make something, this is for you. Plus, when they have green in the middle you know what that means?! They are the mint flavored ones that taste just like those Girl Scout Cookies.

Shamrock Pretzels

How freaking cute are these?! Why hadn’t we thought of this before?

Pistachio Pudding Cake

It’s not that traditional Irish green we’re used to, but we like shaking it up a bit with that pinch of neon in every slice.

Leprechaun S’more Hats

If you love all the things that go into a s’more, then you’ve been blessed right now. Graham cracker bottom, marshmallow top and then covered in chocolate; delicious couture.

Healthy Rainbow

We couldn’t just fill you up on chocolate and sugar. Okay, well this one does have a pot of chocolate gold at the end but hey! We gave you a lot of healthy options in between the marshmallows and the gold.

Shamrock Shake

McDonald’s who?


There isn’t holiday out there that doesn’t deserve a cupcake. This one even comes with a gold coin on top!

Lucky Treats

As if Rice Krispies thing could not get any better, they went and added Lucky Charm marshmallows.

Leprechaun Cocktail

Sometimes mommy needs a treat to call her own.

Peek-A-Boo Cake

We’ll end this with a rainbow surprise!
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