11 Kitchen Items It's Time To Ditch

11 Kitchen Items It's Time To Ditch

Every room in your house collects an assortment of clutter, but it seems like the kitchen is always last on the list when it comes to clearing things out. We think, well...we’re going to definitely need that one day. Reality check, we’re not! There are so many things laying around your kitchen that are just taking up room or collecting dust that you can toss out right now, and it wouldn’t make a difference in your life. It’d make your life a hell of a lot better, so take a look at what to get rid of ASAP when it comes to your kitchen.

Extra Measuring Cups

There is absolutely no reason to have more than one set.

Garlic Crusher

You can simply use a fork or knife flattened out like you see them do on Chopped.

The Second Pair of Scissors

You only need one. It's okay to let the other pair go.

Take-Out Chopsticks and Utensils

You know they'll bring you more the next time you order, right?

Old Cookbooks

Unless they have some sort of sentimental value, go ahead and donate them. Everything is on the internet anyways.

Knife Block

They are bulky and take up too much room in smaller kitchen settings.

Random Tupperware

If there is a lid without a bottom, toss it. If there's a bottom without a lid, toss it. Easy as that!

Expired Spices

You should go through your spice rack every so often because it's more than likely that oregano you haven't touched since American Idol was popular isn't that great anymore.

Mixed Silverware

You're a grown up now, your utensils should match. So rid yourselves of the forks and spoons that don't belong anymore.

Excess Water Bottles

You are probably safe having only one more water bottle than there are people in your home. So if it's only you, two is great. If you're part of a family of four, five will do the trick. Anything above and beyond is too much.

Appliances You've Used Once

If you can't remember the last time you busted it out, you're going to be okay without it.
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