10 Recipes That Prove Texas Has the Best Southern Food

10 Recipes That Prove Texas Has the Best Southern Food
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When it comes to food, the South has everybody beat. But if you had to choose the very best the South has to offer, you've got to go to Texas. From brisket to casseroles to sheet cakes, Texas has a delicious variety that captures the best of the South with a twist of its own.

Whether you're missing the food from your home state or just want to make a hearty, distinctive meal, here's some fantastic recipes from the Lonestar State.

Slow Cooker Texas BBQ Brisket

BBQ Brisket might seem like a big task in the kitchen, but in a slow cooker this recipe cooks up as easy as can be. Take this dish to a party to show everyone how real BBQ should taste.

Find the recipe at Everyday Good Thinking.

Loaded Texas Trash Dip

It might have "trash" in the name, but nobody'll be throwing this in the garbage. This warm bean dip will fly off the table at any party, if it makes it past your own kitchen.

Find the recipe at The Recipe Critic.

Texas Armadillo Eggs

Like the Turducken of Texas, these bites have a cream cheese stuffed jalapeno, wrapped in sausage, that's wrapped in bacon. You won't see this recipe in a diet plan, but they make for a delicious Texan treat.

Find the recipe at The Cookin' Chicks.

Real Texas Chili

There's not a bean in sight if you're making authentic Texas chili. This is all meat and all good.

Find the recipe at Buzzfeed.

Texas Caviar

You might not think that "Texas" and "Vegan" would go together well, but here's a healthy recipe that still gives you those big Texas flavors.

Find the recipe at The Pretty Bee.

Tex Mex Queso

There are few things around that beat a good queso dip and this recipe gives you a perfect bite of Texas. A word of warning with this recipe: you will not want to share.

Find the recipe at Away from the Box.

King Ranch Chicken Casserole

Your non-Texan friends may not be aware of the greatness that is King Ranch Chicken Casserole. So, do them a favor and educate them on this fantastic recipe of the South.

Find the recipe at A Spicy Perspective.

Grandma's Texas Sheet Cake

The cake is so simple, but it really can't be beat. If you're in the mood for a chocolate cake, there's no reason to get fancy, just whip out this classic dessert.

Find the recipe at Nest of Posies.

Ladybird Johnson's Lemon Cake

When a cake is made by a former First Lady, you know it's a winner. This cake is moist and tasty, the best of home cooked baking with a Presidential seal of approval.

Get the recipe at The Maine House.

Texas Governor's Mansion Cookies

These chocolate chip, cinnamon, oatmeal, coconut cookies have a new flavor in every bite. If you'd like to welcome people to your home like the Governor of Texas does, a batch of these will do it.

Find the recipe at Zag Left.

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